It's the Survival of the Fastest in "Secrets of the Phoenix"

A thrilling tale of mystery and deep-space adventure

Humanity is scattered across the galaxy. There are foes on all sides. Earth's survivors must race against time and each other to claim dwindling supplies. In the midst of the chaos, our hero Jason Morgan must face challenge after challenge to save himself and his family.

Fantasy and mystery collide in Wesley E. Campbell's "Secrets of the Phoenix" series. You'll be hooked from the first chapter. Buy your copy today.

You won't be able to put this book down

If it's a page-turner you're after, you've found the right book series. "Secrets of the Phoenix" follows the story of Jason Morgan as he embarks on a dangerous mission across the universe. When you read this series, you'll find:

Mysteries at every turn:

Will our hero overcome the odds and survive? Or will he fall at the hands of his enemies?

New worlds to discover:

With Earth lost, our hero takes to the stars to search for hope in the vastness of space.

Complex characters:

Everyone you meet has a story to tell-and a few secrets to hide.

Look for the second book, "Secrets of the Phoenix: Curse of the Phoenix," in 2019. If you don't want to miss any of the excitement, keep up with the latest news on the "Secrets of the Phoenix" series' official Facebook page.

Enter the world of Wesley E. Campbell

Ever since he was a kid, author Wesley E. Campbell has been drawn to the futuristic worlds in paperbacks and on the big screen. Fans of sci-fi, mystery and adventure novels love his "Secrets of the Phoenix" series and the creativity he infuses in all of his stories.

Discover the inspiration behind this addition to the sci-fi genre-read more about Wesley and his "Secrets of the Phoenix" series on the About the Author page now.